Photography Friends

I am totally blessed to be connected with some of the best photographers in our industry. Saturday night we all got together for a dinner in Irvine, Ca and then headed to [B]ecker’s house for some cupcakes that the girls had baked earlier that day.
We had quite the all-star crew hanging out that evening. [B]ecker, Mike Colon, Jessica Claire, Doug and Chenin Boutwell, Jasmine and JD, Liana, Dane Sanders, Shayla, J Sandifer, and my good friend Bruce.

Here’s a shot of Liana and Jessica while at dinner. They’re jammin on their Xtreme Seminars that they’ve got planned for later this year. Definitely check out the seminars if you can. One of them is already booked up.

The best part of the night had to of been Mike’s son Aiden. He was so cute and really seemed to be having a blast hanging with all of us. (of course, we’re tons of fun!)

I also shot some great video clips of Liana teaching Aiden some French.
Video OneVideo Two

Still quiet

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