San Diego Photographers

While I travel I enjoy giving local photographers a reason to get together, so I called up a bunch of San Diego photographers for some fun.

There were 12 of us that got together in Old Town San Diego at the Old Town Mexican Cafe for lunch. The chips and salsa were fresh and the burritos were piping hot. We all enjoyed chatting around the table sharing ideas and recent happenings with each other.

Thanks for coming out everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t snap pictures of everyone, but my little camera is broken. 🙁

Allana Taranto, Me, Jared Bauman and Maurice Wright

Me and Masen Larsen

Jared pondering how he’s going to beat Dennis Reggie for attendees at the Pictage Partner Conference

I can’t tell you how much I love Community. I love spending time with people. I don’t have much more to say than that. Remember that investing time in others is extremely important.

Still quiet

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