Sunset on Coronado

I arrived in Coronado, CA this afternoon to some amazing weather. I’ll be out here for the next week to shoot a few engagement sessions and spend some time with my family.

I’ve just spent the last few hours jamming on a wedding that was supposed to be up before I left, but I’ve been having some computer problems that have been slowing me down. It’s starting to upload now, but it’s a super slow connection so, I’ll probably go chill at Starbucks in the morning to have it finish uploading all 1200 pictures!

My younger brother Darren rode with me from Phoenix today. As soon as we arrived we joined up with my Dad and step-mom Kristina for dinner and then we headed to Imperial beach right next to Hotel Del Coronado. I wanted to check out the beach to see how clean it was, and to record the sunset times for sessions later this week.

Here’s a few shots of my brother Darren

And then he grabbed the camera and snapped a few great pictures

BTW…I totally love my point-and-shoot camera that I just got a couple months ago. I’ve never had one before, but it’s totally changed how I take pictures when I’m not ‘working’. I’ve got the Panasonic 5MP Lumex camera and it’s produced some amazing pictures.

Make sure to check back on the blog this week. I’ll be posting some photos from the engagement sessions.

Still quiet

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