Allison + Anastacio at Ashley Castle

It’s been 7 months since I met with Allison and Anastacio to photograph their engagement photos and it was so nice to see them both again. Anastacio came in from Minneapolis earlier in the week to be with family and prepare for the wedding while Allison has been busy getting ready to move to Minnesota.

Two months ago Destination I Do magazine decided to use a couple of their engagement photos for an article about preparing for marriage. Alli has been friends with Jennifer, the publisher, since they were children and they were both excited to see the photos used in the magazine.

It was a beautiful 101 degree weather day! (just kidding) 😉
It was definitely a hot day here in AZ and we tried to do as much as possible inside.

Alli’s Beautiful Dress

Anastacio waiting to see Allison

Her father had a hard time giving her away

After the ceremony a HUGE dust and rain storm rolled through the Phoenix area changing our plans for outdoor photos. I loved this photo of limo driver trying to help the bride with his umbrella when all of a sudden a gust turns it inside-out.

We did a few photos inside at Ashley Castle in the beautiful bridal room.

Allison, a gorgeous bride

Finishing touches before the party

I’m really enjoying giving my couples a break from the craziness of the reception to have a little more time alone. And as you can tell they both enjoyed it as well.

And this is one of my favorite photos of the day. Alli looked stunning in her dress.

And a big thanks goes out to Rachel Priddy for coming along to help me out. Thanks Rachel!

Still quiet

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