Kevin Proposes to Dayna

This is such a cool story!

Kevin received one of my new Proposal Cards which holds a $1000 value good for me to come and secretly capture the guy proposing. So, Kevin called me last week and we started planning out where he wanted to propose and where I could hide to take photos without her knowing I was there.

So we headed out to the Desert Botanical Gardens a few days before to find just the right place. And on Sunday afternoon he brought Dayna for a nice stroll in the gardens which is one of her favorite places to go. And when he reached the bridge in the middle of the garden, he asked Dayna.

Bringing out the ring

YES! Of course!

So the story gets better…

After taking the photos I hopped into my car and chose my favorite print. I then printed, framed, and wrapped it up quickly.

Then I headed over Chelsea’s Kitchen, the restaurant that Kevin said they would be at.

I had one of the waitresses bring the package over to Dayna while I hid behind a table of very curious women who thought I was photographing a celebrity at first. I told them that Tom and Katie were out on the patio, but that idea was quickly shot down.

As soon as she saw my logo stickers on the back of the package she knew that I had take a photo. She turned to Kevin with a big smile of approval on her face.

After quickly searching the the restaurant with her eyes trying to find me she opened the package to find the nicely printed photo in a frame all ready for her to show off.

Here’s the photo I chose

It didn’t take much longer for her to realize that something was going on at the nearby table of ladies who were all staring at her while I ducked down below the edge of the high-top table. She must have caught a glance of me because she got up from her seat and came around the table to give me a hug and “Thank you!”

It was also nice to hear her say, “Your going to photograph our wedding! I was going to call you anyways, but you’re definitely going to be our photographer now!”

And they’re wedding is going to be really sweet! They’re planning on having the ceremony at the Botanical Gardens and then the reception will be held at the Bentley Projects art gallery in downtown Phoenix.

Congratulations Dayna and Kevin!

(more fun video footage coming soon!)

We’ll be sending out a few Proposal Cards to all of our past clients as well as some of the resorts will have them on hand. So if you’re about to propose and you’d like me to come capture it, be sure to search out for one of these cards.

Rock on!

Still quiet

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