Happy Birthday Heather!

I surprised Heather by flying out to San Antonio the day after Katie and Andrew’s wedding. My brother-in-law Ryan played it all so well that she had no clue that I was coming in town.

Here’s a fun video of them pulling up to the airport to pick up one of Ryan’s “co-workers”!

We traveled to Austin to check out the Capitol

And we took Heather out for a Teppan-Yaki dinner on her birthday

We also kayaked down the San Marcos river but ran into a few issues. First, it took us a good 2 hours longer than expected because we only had two kayaks and Ryan had to float on a tube which wasn’t going to move fast. Second, we came up to a large dam that we didn’t see on the map that we had. So we had to get out of the water and scout a way around the current being pulled over the dam and over to the side so we could carry the kayaks around. It was scary and pretty crazy, but we’re alive!

Still quiet here.sas

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