Constantly Getting Better

Running your own business can be very difficult at times and one of the hardest parts to battle is the need to be constantly evolving and reviewing your systems. We don’t have a team of people that review these kinds of things, so it is my responsibility to always review our processes and see where we can get better.

One of those areas that needed a boost was our computer systems. So in the last few weeks I purchased 2 new 24 inch iMacs. They are beautiful machines and really help us with speed and color correction.

Another has been the communication within the business. So, we recently upgraded our email system to an Exchange Server and Blackberry Enterprise server so that all of our emails sync between the different computer systems.

And this weekend I traveled to Texas to sit down with Heather my album designer to review our editing and album process. So we’re putting things into place which will help us speed up our workflow and make everything faster on our end. Of course we still need all of you to respond to our emails in a timely manner in order for our estimated times to be kept on track.

Our current turnaround times for all image edits are:
Engagement Photos: 4-6 weeks
Wedding Photos: 6-8 weeks
We are hoping to make these times much smaller.

All of this is definitely a process but I want all of you to know that we do find it important to be the best at what we do.


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