Latest Trip to Texas

I’ve been going to Texas often now that Heather (album designer and sister) and her husband moved to New Braunfels, TX.

I was out there a week ago and had a great time in between the work. The city had their big seasonal Wassailfest celebration. There were 50 wassail stops by local groups where you would get a sample and then you would vote at the end of the night for the best wassail.

A little holiday music to help the wassail go down.

Mmm…Brat in a wrap

The party crew minus Steven.

Heather and I

It was a fest week for us while I was there. When I showed up we had Cheesefest at Heather’s house with a cheese fondue. Next year we’re planning Chocolate fest as well.

(Ryan, Heather, Jaime, Steven, Mona, Me)

I can’t forget the week full of Guitar Hero III on the Wii. And YES, I did get plenty of work done as well.

Still quiet

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