What are the Digital Negatives?

For those of you wondering what Digital Negatives are, here is a photo of our packaging from a recent session. The digital negatives are a disc containing the digital files that we use to print from. We no longer shoot film so instead of film negatives we offer digital copies. Our digital negatives consist of our final proof images and a typed release allowing you to print from these files in the future.

So you may ask, why should we still order prints from your online services?
While you may have purchased the digital negatives, they are only at the proof stage at this point. When a print is ordered then it is custom printed with adjustments made to the color, saturation, density, contrast as well as parts of the image being dodged and burned to bring focus to the image. None of these adjustments will be made if you order a standard print using the digital negatives.

We definitely suggest ordering large gallery prints through our online store so that we can ensure the quality of the image before it is printed and to get the best out of the photo. We want our work to shine and we can only guarantee that if you order your prints through us.

How do we order custom prints?
If you are ordering smaller prints (4×6 – 11×14) from a wedding or portrait, please use our Pictage.com online store by visiting our Proofs page.
For large Gallery Prints or Canvas Prints (16×20 – 30×40) please order your print through our new Online Store.

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