Santorini, Greece – Wedding – Danielle + Lasha

Here are a few favorites from the wedding day! There are many more photos and we’ll have a slideshow of the trip up a bit later but here is a preview of wedding.

Danielle was looking amazing!

Danielle has such an addictive smile

The ceremony was overlooking the Aegean Sea and with the volcano in the background

We all enjoyed a desert wine from one of the local Santorini vinyards after the ceremony.

Here is the entire group of friends and family that joined in the celebration.

Lasha and his groomsmen

Lasha and his brother Teimo

Danielle and the girls

The view was breathtaking as you can see!

After the ceremony everybody was lead through the city streets by two fiddlers to the restaurant where the reception was.

Danielle and Lasha were so great to be with and as you can see they are entirely in love with each other.

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  1. Stunning images. I love the variety of photos! You should feature this wedding in a magazine!


  2. what a happy looking couple!

  3. Hi

    your Pic is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do love it !

    can you tell me who is your photographer. I need your information to arrange my marriage plan in santorini

    Many thanks

  4. wow , very nice kissing image

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