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I posted many of the wedding photos from my Greece trip but here are some of my photos from when my friend Matt and I visited Athens.

The city of Athens in general is a dirty city but it does have a beautiful area surrounding the Acropolis. Here is one of the walkways with open cafes along the side.

It’s pretty amazing to see the old ruins with the entire city surrounding it. Here you can see the Temple of Hephaistos standing strong amongst the rest of the Agora.

From the Agora you can view the mighty Acropolis built upon its limestone bed. It is an amazing sight from below and I can only imaging the majestic presence that it had when it was completed. From the Acropolis you have a wonderful 360 degree view of Athens as it stretches on one side to the mountain and the other to the sea.

Here the Temple of Hephaistos stands on the hill overlooking the Agora.

The temple is the most complete of the buildings remaining at the Agora. Here are some of the 46 mighty columns.

And of course I had a wonderful cappuccino before we left Athens and headed for London.

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