Texas Grape Stomp Off

Last weekend I visited the First Annual Texas Grape Stomp Off at the Vintage Oaks community. I’ve never attended a stomp off so I was really interested in what happened.

I showed up to the first group competing.

They each have a large bucket to stomp in

My friends Ben and Brazos getting ready for their round.


Brazos has the job of keeping the drain hole clean from pulp so the juice will drain into a jug.

All done after 10 minutes of stomping and scraping. Now it’s time to weigh out against all of the other competitors.

The aftermath

They won their round and are currently in first out of all the rounds!

Jessica and I decided that we would compete as well.

All ready!

It was a great day to be stomping on grapes.

We had an issue with our juice flowing down the drain but we had a fun time.

So that’s the recap from a day of grape stomping!

Still quiet here.sas

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