Friday Night Lights

Last weekend I attended my first Texas high school football game. Football is huge in Texas and especially in a small town like New Braunfels, where I’ve spent my summer. It was homecoming for New Braunfels High School and my friends Chris and Troy were in town from AZ so I figured it would be a fun evening.

It was a beautiful evening for a game.

The stands were packed.

There was of course some drama in the stands about who would be crowned King and Queen. It happened that the football player was crowned king but his girlfriend was only crowned princess and not queen. She’s in the black dress and as you can tell she wasn’t having a very good time and he knew not to look to happy either. Oh, the drama…
(UPDATE: I received a message from Katherine[in black] and she mentions that her boyfriend only ran for King to support her. Good man! Sorry you guys didn’t win as a couple.)

New Braunfels making a run in the 3rd quarter.

Chris and Troy had a good time hanging out.

Here’s the whole group.

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  1. awesome pictures, love the drama of the king and queen picture. is there school mascot/animal really the Unicorn? that’s what their shirts say…..that is too cool! (and kinda funny too…)

  2. DO NOT underestimate the New Braunfels Unicorns.

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