Where have I been? Everywhere.

I’ve been getting a lot of flack recently from my friends because I haven’t been posting on my blog. There have been many reasons for this, most of them just because I’ve been so busy traveling/moving/working that I haven’t taken the time to prepare any photos to post.

Here’s an update on what’s been going on:

Launching MokaDesign, LLC.
Its been in works for over a year now and I’m finally able to say, “We’ve Launched!”  My sister and I have started a design firm that offers custom flash website designs to artists and photographers.  We also offer album design services to photographers for wedding and portrait albums.  I left for Texas because that is where my sister is living and we needed to be in the same place to get this business launched.  That leads to the next topic…

Moving Back to AZ
I decided after getting everything setup with my sister for MokaDesign, that I would head back to the Valley of the Sun.  Apparently I didn’t make the best cowboy.  So at the beginning of November I moved back to Arizona to continue my photography business.
Visit to Michigan
During all of the starting of a business and moving back to Arizona I decided to take a trip to Michigan with my dad.  We spent a few nice days at his summer home north of Detroit.
Launching JeffNewton.com
In conjunction with launching our own site, we also built a new portfolio site for Jeff Newton.  Jeff is a Phoenix based commercial photographer who has an amazing portfolio of work and clients.  He has a style of his own and we knew that a customized flash site would be perfect for showing off his work.  And the best part about it is that he can easily add new photos on his own.

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  1. Hey man, I’m excited to a) see some blog posts and b) see Moka’s site!!!!!!! I’m jazzed to see it all put together! I’m waiting for my graphic designer to drool over it … but we’lre geeks like that. Blessings, ~K

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