Life is easier…with an Eye-Fi card

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while but haven’t had the time until now. There is a new product that I LOVE and its not the iPhone (for all of those who know me well). It’s called the Eye-Fi card and it fits nicely in my small point and shoot camera.

This card connects to your home wireless network and will automatically download your photos (no wires) to your home computer and also to another online service if you wish (such as Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug). It’s just amazing how easy it is to get the photos back onto my computer.

And the best part about having them also upload to Flickr is that I can easily share them with friends as soon as I get home. And I also have a nice backup of my photos online just in case a hard drive crashes.

Here’s a sample: I took this photo of a drink and then it recognized that my computer was on the network and started downloading it.

It’s little things like this that help make my life a little easier.

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  1. Seriously! That’s so cool. Now I’ll have a new toy to pine over!

  2. oh this so cool! I need one of those =)

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