Veronica + Stephen Wedding – Ashley Castle – Chandler, AZ

I’ve been looking forward to Veronica and Stephen’s wedding for a while now. Both of them have been working at my favorite coffee shop Goldbar for years and we’ve always talked about photos way before they were ever engaged. Our big adventure was going over to California for a weekend for some fun photo in San Juan Capistrano and Newport Beach.

But it was finally time for them to get married!

Veronica’s amazing dress


Her bouquet was done beautifully.

Stephen is just hilarious in front of the camera and he never runs out of ideas.

It’s almost time to make it official at their morning ceremony.

Veronica and her girls. Two of her sisters were in the wedding.

Stephen is protected by his four brothers and two great friends.

The Bridal Party

Veronica and her father

The whole bridal party in front of Ashley Castle.

Of course the only single brother now gets teased by all of the married guys.

Their wedding was so beautiful and a ton of fun, thanks guys!