Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt

I was invited to come and photograph at a summer camp a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t resist. I knew it would be a fun time. Here are some of the photos from their scavenger hunt. There are many more photos so I’ll post more later.

Keeping track of the list

Some of the students deliberating about what they should find next.

Item 1 – Get two shoes from other campers and wear their socks…no thanks!

Item 2 – A toenail clipping from a counselor. He’s working on it for them.

Item 3 – write a poem about camp and read it to a counselor

Having fun no matter how far behind they are

Chris enjoying Item 4 – Bring a counselor a slushie. Who writes these things?

Some of the fun counselors:

All of the students were having a blast!