We arrived in London to beautiful and rare blue skies. Matt and I both agreed that people should travel with us because we both bring great weather with us to wherever we visit.

Here is the parliament building with the famous clock tower housing the “Big Ben bell.

Matt and I visited the British Museum and the National Gallery (behind us) where we saw some great pieces by Rembrant, Monet and Van Gogh amongst many others.

While I wasn’t in Ireland, I was still much closer than I had been before and so I had to see how the Guinness was. It was DELECTABLE!

My friend Ashley was my guide for a couple of London’s secrets. She told me we had to visit Piāno a small piano bar. If you’re in town over a weekend evening definitely go check it out with a group.

Our second day we hopped on one of those annoying tour buses and rode around the entire city. One of our stops was at the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral. The cathedral was one of my favorites sites to see in London.

The the view from the outside of the top tower was awe-inspiring. It seemed just as high as the London Eye which we decided to skip because of the cost.

We also passed under the famous Tower Bridge. This summer scaffolding will go up around the bridge as it undergoes a facelift before the 2012 Olympics.

The guards in front of Buckingham Palace wear those goofy looking hats. We didn’t find one that we could take a picture next to but after further investigation you can go to St. James’ Palace and just around the corner past the courtyard is a guard on his own that you can apparently stand next to. So if you’re visiting London be sure to head over there for a photo op.

And as I mentioned before, both of the full days that we visited we had beautiful sunny days. Here at Hyde Park everyone was out playing football (soccer) and enjoying the weather.