Santa Barbara Wine Country

One of my favorite cities in the US is Santa Barbara, CA. It a beautiful ocean-side city with great shopping and entertainment with perfect weather year round. I recently decided to document my trip to Santa Barbara’s wine country with a film camera called a Mini Diana. It captures square format pictures and definitely relies on me being aware of everything to get the settings just right. Here are a few of the photos from my trip with Ashley.

FotoCielo and Arigato Sushi

One of my favorites cities is Santa Barbara. I don’t know what it is, but I’m in love with the city. My stress escapes me when I arrive.

On my tour of Southern California I visited all my friends in Santa Barbara including the guys behind FotoCielo. They were having MokaDesign redesign their website so it was nice to talk through some of the ideas and proofs while I was there. I think that might be my only web design client that I’ve ever met with in person.

Ricky and Tim run the operation and Kiel is a photographers/office dude/nutrition expert.
(Tim, Kiel, Ricky, me)

They were super nice to take me out to my favorite sushi place, Sushi Arigato on State Street.

And I made a stop by David’s place although he seemed to sneak away with a girl before I could get a picture so here is the view from his house.

The Santa Barbara Crew

I’ve been in California since last weekend to shoot some engagement session photos for upcoming weddings. During the week I headed north to Santa Barbara, which is one of my favorite places to visit. I have a great group of friends whom are all wonderful photographers as well.

We all went out to lunch one day while I was visiting. It seems as though the out of town guy is the one that brings them all together for events.

(Ricky Mia, myself, Cheryl and Tim Halberg, Brett Bollman, David Jay, Katie and Chris Humphreys)

Later on that night I headed out for some wonderful sushi at Arigato on State Street. It’s my favorite sushi restaurant ever!

While I was walking to dinner I noticed the smoke coming up from north Santa Barbara county. It helped create a beautiful sunset. But it also helped create a nice power outage during dinner.