Santorini, Greece – Wedding – Danielle + Lasha

Here are a few favorites from the wedding day! There are many more photos and we’ll have a slideshow of the trip up a bit later but here is a preview of wedding.

Danielle was looking amazing!

Danielle has such an addictive smile

The ceremony was overlooking the Aegean Sea and with the volcano in the background

We all enjoyed a desert wine from one of the local Santorini vinyards after the ceremony.

Here is the entire group of friends and family that joined in the celebration.

Lasha and his groomsmen

Lasha and his brother Teimo

Danielle and the girls

The view was breathtaking as you can see!

After the ceremony everybody was lead through the city streets by two fiddlers to the restaurant where the reception was.

Danielle and Lasha were so great to be with and as you can see they are entirely in love with each other.

Black Sand Beach on Santorini

On the morning of the wedding we headed to one of the nearby black sand beaches on Santorini for some intimate photos of Danielle and Lasha. They weathered through the cold water for some amazing photos that I know they will go crazy over. They haven’t seen these yet so this is a sneak preview from this session.

This is my favorite from the session.

Lasha can get Danielle to laugh any time he likes, even when they are both freezing.

A Volcano, Are You Kidding?

We had an amazing chance to cruise over to the volcano that can be seen from Santorini. What a wonderful experience! And Danielle hiked up the mountain in her heels the entire way.

Lasha hiked over to the edge of an old caldera.

Isn’t this just an amazing view of the city of Fira on Santorini!

Danielle was having a blast

Here is Danielle and her wonderful mom.

Fira – Santorini, Greeece

The capitol city of Fira has the most amazing view of the volcano and other islands around Santorini. We have also been blessed with amazing weather as you can see below.

The view from the reception restaurant.

Wow! I think I’ll be offering this photo as a large wall print.

The city of Fira

And a few cocktails after our hike through the city

Meet Danielle + Lasha

Danielle and Lasha are both really excited to celebrate their marriage with friends and family.



On the way up to the mansion

Lasha and his brother, Teimo, throwing Danielle’s brother, Trace, into the pool.

Lasha with his mother and father explaining the plans for the wedding day. His family flew in from the country of Gorgia to meet all of us here.

Walking the streets of beautiful Fira built on the edge of a caldera.

Danielle enjoying the view from the ceremony location