Wurstfest – Oh how I miss thee…

I was only able to experience one day of Wurstfest in New Braunfels before I had to hop in my moving truck and get back to Arizona. I do plan on visiting next November so I can join in more of the festivities.

If you’re ever near New Braunfels, TX during the first half of November, be sure stop by and check it out!

Mikie had a fun time introducing me to this wonderful 9 day salute to sausage.

Visiting Austin

My friends Chris and Troy came to visit me in Texas so we decided to take a day to visit Austin. One cool place to check out is the Austin Capitol building.

A few quick facts:
-The capitol building was completed in 1888
-It was paid for with land, around 3 million acres, not dollars
-It stood 15 feet higher than the US Capitol building in 1888

Here is a friend I made in the garden

These door hinges were unique and apparently weigh over 7 pounds.

The house chamber

Just chillin’

Friday Night Lights

Last weekend I attended my first Texas high school football game. Football is huge in Texas and especially in a small town like New Braunfels, where I’ve spent my summer. It was homecoming for New Braunfels High School and my friends Chris and Troy were in town from AZ so I figured it would be a fun evening.

It was a beautiful evening for a game.

The stands were packed.

There was of course some drama in the stands about who would be crowned King and Queen. It happened that the football player was crowned king but his girlfriend was only crowned princess and not queen. She’s in the black dress and as you can tell she wasn’t having a very good time and he knew not to look to happy either. Oh, the drama…
(UPDATE: I received a message from Katherine[in black] and she mentions that her boyfriend only ran for King to support her. Good man! Sorry you guys didn’t win as a couple.)

New Braunfels making a run in the 3rd quarter.

Chris and Troy had a good time hanging out.

Here’s the whole group.

Send Chris to Bali

A few weeks ago I photographed a night of arts and music to help raise money to send Chris Luna to Bali for missions.
Chris and his band Leviathan did a great job and played a killer version of the original version of “The Wonderous Boat Ride” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Chris is on the far right.

Mikie was busy on the sound board.


I don’t even know what to say about Joseph in the bunny suit.

Patrick busy on the Xylophone


It was a fun evening and enough money was raised to cover Chris for his first couple of months over in Indonesia. He left in early November.

Comal County Parade & Fair Day!

Last Friday was Fair Day here in New Braunfels, TX. All of the schools had a half day and the city hosted the county parade.

It was my first time experiencing a parade in Texas and it was quite a site. For one thing, the parade was 2 hours long! The second thing that had no problem standing out was the number of tractors included in the parade. They would come in in packs like deer, only these Deere were making their way to the fairgrounds to show their stuff.

This was an interesting tank in the parade.

More tractors.

Texas Grape Stomp Off

Last weekend I visited the First Annual Texas Grape Stomp Off at the Vintage Oaks community. I’ve never attended a stomp off so I was really interested in what happened.

I showed up to the first group competing.

They each have a large bucket to stomp in

My friends Ben and Brazos getting ready for their round.


Brazos has the job of keeping the drain hole clean from pulp so the juice will drain into a jug.

All done after 10 minutes of stomping and scraping. Now it’s time to weigh out against all of the other competitors.

The aftermath

They won their round and are currently in first out of all the rounds!

Jessica and I decided that we would compete as well.

All ready!

It was a great day to be stomping on grapes.

We had an issue with our juice flowing down the drain but we had a fun time.

So that’s the recap from a day of grape stomping!

Austin Photographers

I headed up to Austin last night for a get together at Sarah and Jenn’s new studio. It was so nice to be welcomed into Texas by a great group of photographers. A few people had already left by the time we took this photo, but here is a part of the group.

(photo from Bonnie’s blog)

Shown below, in the front row, from L to R: Shannon, Lisa and me.
Back row, L to R: Sherry, Sarah, Bonnie, Jenn, and Tali
Also in attendance (but not in the photo) were Stacy and Stan, Brian and Mary Kate, Tyler, and Courtney