Naegelin’s Bakery is seriously the best!

I just had to share my love for this place. The pastries are simply the best I’ve ever had.
Naegelin’s Bakery is the oldest continuously running bakery in Texas and they’re still cooking the same divine treats they have for decades.

If you’re ever in New Braunfels, TX (north of San Antonio), you definitely need to stop by this place. They were also recently featured in a Bank of America commercial that shows a guy going into a bakery.

Visiting Austin

My friends Chris and Troy came to visit me in Texas so we decided to take a day to visit Austin. One cool place to check out is the Austin Capitol building.

A few quick facts:
-The capitol building was completed in 1888
-It was paid for with land, around 3 million acres, not dollars
-It stood 15 feet higher than the US Capitol building in 1888

Here is a friend I made in the garden

These door hinges were unique and apparently weigh over 7 pounds.

The house chamber

Just chillin’