FotoCielo and Arigato Sushi

One of my favorites cities is Santa Barbara. I don’t know what it is, but I’m in love with the city. My stress escapes me when I arrive.

On my tour of Southern California I visited all my friends in Santa Barbara including the guys behind FotoCielo. They were having MokaDesign redesign their website so it was nice to talk through some of the ideas and proofs while I was there. I think that might be my only web design client that I’ve ever met with in person.

Ricky and Tim run the operation and Kiel is a photographers/office dude/nutrition expert.
(Tim, Kiel, Ricky, me)

They were super nice to take me out to my favorite sushi place, Sushi Arigato on State Street.

And I made a stop by David’s place although he seemed to sneak away with a girl before I could get a picture so here is the view from his house.

Catalina, CA – A Vacation

It was time to get away from the heat in Arizona so my father, brother and best friend Troy headed out for a guys trip. We stayed at the small Coronado Inn on the island. It’s the perfect location to walk down to the bay, downtown Coronado and the brewery.

The homes are all so quaint.

We headed down to Balboa Park and saw part of the Body Worlds exhibit. It’s so crazy to see the human body in that form.

There was also this very interesting entertainment group on the pathway. They were a bit creepy. It sort of reminded me of the singing ghosts from the Haunted House in Disneyland.

My brother Darren



My brother and dad

Oh yeah!

San Diego and the bay

Padres Baseball Game

My dad, brother and I took a guys trip to San Diego this summer. We spent a week at a beach house on South Mission Beach which was awesome!

The second day of our vacation we headed to downtown San Diego for a Padres vs Braves game.

My brother Darren

I love how they incorporated the old Western Metal Supply Co. brick building into the design of the new Petco Park. There are seat on each level of that building.

They also had a cool beach sand pit and a wiffle ball field in the outfield for the kids to play in.